Your Delivery

It’s finally time for your new baby to arrive. We’re a Baby Friendly designated hospital and are here to provide the great care you expect and deserve, answer questions and provide support and encouragement to you and your family during this exciting time.

“My nurse was empathetic to not only what things my baby was facing but to my needs as well. No matter what we needed she was there for us. I felt like her experience not only as a nurse but as a mother herself made a difference and she was able to connect with both myself as the patient as well as my family. She also made my husband and I at ease and when she said she was there to support us I felt like she really meant it. She was also very helpful when I asked her a question about breastfeeding, labor, after care etc.”

What happens when I arrive?

You will be greeted by our friendly staff. Unless it is obvious you are in labor, we will monitor you to see if you are in labor of if you need to return home. When you are in active labor your nurse wil make you and your husband or birthing partner comfortable in your Birthing Suite. Your obstetrician and your nurse will monitor you and your baby during labor and delivery. Your nurse will begin monitoring your blood pressure, pulse and temperature. A fetal monitor checks your baby’s heart rate during labor.  She’ll  review your Birth Plan to see if there are any changes you want to make or develop one if you didn’t have a Stork’s Nest visit.

What can you do to help if I want a natural childbirth?

We’re very supportive and encouraging for you and your husband or labor partner. Position changes, heat, breathing and relaxation techniques, and the use of a birthing ball unless medically contraindicated can be used. A peanut ball can help open the pelvic outlet if you are unable to be out of bed but might need extra assistance or comfort.  Some women have even reported the peanut ball helped make them comfortable enough to take a short nap before the arrival of their baby!

Do you offer epidurals or other pain control options?

Your nurse will help you with pain control options including an epidural administered by one of Henry Community Health’s anesthesia team members.

What happens after I deliver?

You and your baby stay in your Birthing Suite for the initial recovery process. During this time you and your family can begin to get to know your precious new arrival. After your initial recovery, you and your baby will be transferred to a spacious Family Suite to continue your recovery and learn how to care for your baby. In addition to the same amenities as the Birthing Suite, there is a comfortable bed for mom and a comfortable couch for your partner. Your baby will remain in your room throughout your hospital stay; this is referred to as “Rooming-in”.

If I want to breastfeed when does that start?

We like to start breastfeeding while you are in your Birthing Suite. Studies show breastfeeding is more successful if initiated within the first hour after birth. Our specially-trained nurses and lactation counselors are happy to help you learn to nurse your baby. Bottle feeding may be initiated if preferred, and the nurses will help you with this as well.

What if my baby needs additional care?

Our Level 1 Special Care Nursery provides this additional care when your baby needs it. In addition to skilled nurses, your baby will be cared for by a Pediatric Hospitalist who is experienced and skilled in caring for newborns. These Board Certified pediatricians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help care for your newborn.

Trained in children’s hospitals and Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU), they attend higher risk deliveries. They care for healthy newborns as well as those that are experiencing problems such as respiratory distress, infections, jaundice and blood sugar issues. If a transfer is needed to a NICU, they collaborate closely with Peyton Manning and Riley Children’s Hospitals. You may also request the hospital of your choice.